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Pre-0rders will start in mid summer for 2016

Lambs are all healthy and their moms are exceptionally good mothers. All our 2014 ewe lambs birthed naturally turning 1 year of age this April. They are wonderful mothers like their mothers and grannys. Lambs were born 2 weeks later this year with 2 late buyers in November 2014. So these pictures depict newborns up to 2 weeks of age. Lustrous Honey Gen 2 birthed white coat lustrous triplets this year. I have started posting to keep our tradition of having Mother's Day photos...I will post more pictures May 12th on through the week.

Site/Design/Photos by Carol Gomes/Updated July 17, 2015
1 day old hair ram
5 day  lustrous ewe lamb
4 day old  white lustrous ewe lamb
12 day old hair lamb
week old  ram lamb
3 day old ram lamb
2 day old ram lamb
5 day old ewe lamb
7 day old ram lamb
8 day old ewe lamb
14 day ewe lamb
lustrous coat hair lambs
hair lambs under the tree
wk old hair ram
lustrous 9 day ram lamb
7 day ewe lamb
6 day hair lamb
8 day old ewe lamb
White Dorper yrling with hair lambs
hair lamb eating pine needles
hair lambs exploring
hair lamb grazing with mom
hair lambs grazing with mom
hair lambs learning to eat forages
5 day old hair ewe
two day old hair lambs with mom
1 day old  hair ewe
4 day old hair ewe
white coat and lustrous coat hair lambs
young hair lambs  enjoying the grass
hair lambs with Mohawk
Aulee enjoying the hair lambs

Born on Mother's Day...Honey Gen Lustrous White Triplets & Yrling Meeka's Twins...

honey gen 2 content with her triplets
triplets and twins
honey gen triplets 2 days old
Honey Gen lustrous ewe triplets
hair lambs born mother's day
meeka  twins 2 days old

above with Peatee twins...
Honey Gen 2 on left with Misteree

meeka twins ram ewe
JUNE 10th update...lambs are still quite young ranging from 20 to 45 days with good growth and weight. Some ram lambs will go out in a few weeks with their herd sires since they are mock breeding and ready to wean early.
lustrous ram lambs
n4 white dorper ewe lamb
ewe lamb grazing next to a ewe
ewe with twins
yrling with twins
lambs grazing with ewe
hair ewes with hair lambs after grazing
hair ewes with hair lambs
hair lambs grazing with hair ewes
hair lambs grazing
hair lambs grazing
hair lambs grazing
hair lambs grazing
hair lambs eating thistles
hair lambs foraging
hair lamb eating weeds
hair lambs eating thistles
hair ewe lamb
hair lambs foraging
hair lambs picking thistles
hair herd coming in from grazing
hair ram lamb
45 day old hair ram
ewe with hair lambs grazing
hair ram lamb
hair ewes on red barn pasture
hair ram lambs
hair ewes maintaining good body score
hair lambs on red barn pasture
hair lambs grazing red barn pasture
hair lambs going out to graze
hair lambs in tall grass
ewe lambs picking off thistles
hair ewe yrling with hair lambs
40 day ram lamb
twin hair lambs drinking water
lustrous ram lamb grazing
yrling ewe with twins
hair lambs and hair ewes

July 15th Update: Lambs have been fitted with their collars and ID tags. Ewes have black and blue collars. Rams have red collars. Most of the rams were weighed on July 8th early morning. Photos were taken July 15th. Weaning will be end of July since most all the lambs were born in May (3 mos). We have one ram lamb with horns this yr. With our pastures down now from the July heat, we are feeding hay in their trough. It makes it easier for my lambs to transition over to their new homes and buyers put their hands in and get them used to their smell while feeding at a trough. Then you can move them out to free range on pasture. Especially the rams, they need to be fed behind a trough to keep good manners. The lambs are tame and used to Aulee our GSD coming and going.

lustrous horned ram
limee lustrous hair ram
hair ram lamb
whisper hair ram
lustrous coat hair ram
whisper hair ram
big brahma white dorper katahdin ram
young hair ram
hanaus with hair ewes
hanaus lustrous hair ram
monteese white dorper katahdin heaviest ram
nfour white dorper hair
hg triplet hair ram
younger hair ram twos
ten yr mist with hair twins
tenth generation mist hair ram
Mist is 10 yrs old now with beautiful twins this year. She is missing teeth while still in excellent health she will retire this yr and live her life out with us and her herd. She was only 2 months old when she arrived in 2005. This ewe and her sisters, who I retired at 8 to another home with older Herd Sire I, laid a solid foundation for all the healthy 9 generations that have followed ...never a foot trim or any ills. Mist lambed as a yrling and every year after with healthy twins...she's a perfect ewe.
We have an aging population of ewes now after 10 years for which we have been closed for 8. Our oldest foundations ewes are 8, 9 and 10 this yr (2015). We will hold back Monteese, Beu and several other ram lambs along with ewe lambs to replace our older lines since their moms will be retiring in the near future. They have proven best of health with no disease symtoms, which has been our number one goal while staying closed and practicing strict biosecurity.

Misteree (Herd Sire 5) is a Mist ram from 2012. He's a copy of Mist through and through. He is so much like her. Mist has produced top breeding rams consistently every year.

white dorper katahdin ewes
young hair ewe lamb
matriarch mist and her ewes
hair ewe with twins
white dorper katahdin ewe
aulee with hair lamb
july heat pasture gone
lustrous coat ewe lamb
white dorper katahdin ewes
hair lambs at their trough
hair ewes with lambs
brahma hair lamb
lustrous hair lambs
hair lambs with moms
hair lambs eating with ewes
n2 white dorper katahdin  ewe
mohanna lustrous ewe
long bodied hair ewe lamb
hair lambs
white dorper katahdin ewe lamb