Sheep For Sale 2018-2019

2018-Sold out.....EMAIL 2019 Reservations (ewe lambs sold out)...rams available...

Site Design/Photos by Carol Gomes/Updated October 9, 2018
German shepherd Aulee
2019 Herd Sires: Peatee/Tuco/Montese/Butch Cassidy. Check our ram page after Oct 11 2018 for current breeding line up...
herd sires peatee tuco montese
herd sire peatee with tuco  and montese

Butch Cassidy Herd Sire 10 (2018) at 5 months, 137 pounds. (Butcha x Tuco)

Bred back to N1 ewe line Butcha x Tuco Herd Sire 9 (Peatee son) produced our ewe lamb Herd Sire Butch Cassidy and he's the total package being the best pick
for our 2018 ewe lambs who will lamb in 2019

breeding herd sire hair ram