Tornado in McMinnville, Oregon
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A tornado touched down on June 13, 2013 in McMinnville, Oregon, 9 miles from us, where it went through while I was mowing on my tractor. The worst storm ever, ripped one of our HUGE historic old growth oaks right out of the ground and must have twisted it enough to miss most of our sheep barn while damaging the one corner and seams along the side leaving big limbs everywhere. Our ewes climbed a wood pile under a lean-to in the old red barn. Our rams huddled in a tight circle with heads down noses touching. With high winds that arrived in seconds after I saw my neighbor's tall wheat field go flat, there was debris swirling circling around me high in the air with a whirling grinding sound. I slapped my tractor into neutral and left it running while I jumped off and pushed my way through the field with the force of the wind against my chest. I finally made it to the closest pasture near the house with my tractor running in the distance, debris flying everywhere and the huge oak falling to her demise. Our 30ft windmill palm was bent to the ground in the front yard, it never broke but held steady under the high winds. After the storm was over, it had bathed my sheep leaving beautiful snow white coats! When I look at that picture, I still see the debris flying around me and high in the sky, with a wierd sound...I was never able to take time to see if there was a funnel cloud with visibility being so poor. I just wanted to get to the house and see if my sheep were taking cover and safe, which they were. We got through the whole ordeal. Then managed the cleanup, which took over two weeks.

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tornado article