Footrot/Scald Article
Footrot in Sheep & Goats/Purdue
Eradicate Foot Rot Footrot/Purdue
Virginia Co-op Footrot Information
Interdigital Sinus Anatomy

How Cloning Works-Diagram
Genetic Defects in Sheep
Gene Check, Inc. (OPP Johne's)

Scrapie Testing

OSU Animal Habits Chewing Habits

Grass Hay
Hay Protein and DigestibilityTerms

Katahdin Hair Sheep
Katahdin Hair Sheep International
Regional Katahdin Groups

Labor & Delivery
Assisting the Ewe Fact Sheep
Birthing Process

Lambing From A-Z Purdue University

Low Maintenance Sheep
Carol Gomes Sheep Page

Oregon Sites
The Oregon Sheep Grower
Oregon Department of Agriculture
Oregon Sheep Dog Society

Sheep Magazine

Sheep Minerals
Gov maps show element concentrations

Selecting Sheep For Breeding
ESGPIP Bulletin
Reproduction in the Ewe

Endophyte Toxicity from Grass
Targeted Forest Management
Biodiversity Conservation and Sheep
Rye Grass Staggers

Club Lamb Management
Getting Lambs Ready to Show

Blood Sampling in Sheep

Lamb Marketing
Marketing Basics
FSIS State Inspection Programs
Value/Cost of Meat from Producers
Meat Processing Terminology
Producer/Pricing Meat Cuts
Cuts of Lamb

Care/Feeding of Sheep
Sheep 101 Hair Sheep
Sheep 201
Sheep and Goat Care
What Sheep Eat
Mycotoxins in Sheep Feeds
Flax in Livestock Diets NDSU
Prussic Acid Poisoning Facts
Nutritional Calculator
Ruminants and Sunflower Seeds
Supplementary Feeding Sheep
New RFV measuring in Alfalfa
Urinary Calculi in Sheep
Feeding Barley to Sheep
Almond Hulls Nutrition for Sheep
Almond Hulls/Science Direct

Housing for Sheep
Sheep 201 Housing for sheep

Dairy Sheep
Flock Health Management


Facts About Sheep
Vegan Sheep Facts
Glossary of Sheep Breeding Terms
Sheep Facts/Wikipedia
Body Systems & Functions

Teeth & Age
How to tell age by teeth
Estimate Age and Weight

Grading Sheep & Selection
SD State

Selecting Breeding Stock

Lamb Carcass Evaluation
Selecting a Breed

Linebreeding Wikipedia
Linebreeding/Inbreeding Sheep

Fly ID and Prevention
Flies Only
Sheep Blanket/Covers

Blue Tongue/Willamette Valley
Blue Tongue/OSU

Udder Health/Educ-Slideshow
Sheep Body Systems/functions

Contagious Footrot/Merck Manual
Digital Dermatitis in Cattle
CODD in Sheep
Survival of Ovine CODD
Elk Hoof Disease/WSU
Elk Hoof Disease spreads to Ore
Parasites that live inside deer
5 different types of bacteria

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Record Keeping
Lambing date Calculator

Wool For Spinning
The Black Sheep Gathering

Dog Sites
Working Dog Breeds
Working Dog Web
Dog Health-Vet Info Alphabetically listed
FDA Pet Food Recalls
Dog Sports
Service Dog Certification of America
Basic Obedience Tips
Pet Care
Dog Breeds A-Z
Dog Breed Fun Trivia Quiz
Save The Wolves
Herding Dog Web Ring

Herding Dog Commands
Oregon Sheep Dog Society

Grass/Grain/Drugs/Diseases/Meat Animals
University of Maryland Extension/Grass Fed
Grain vs. Pasture Finishing Lambs
Staph in Meat
Clinical Infectious Diseases Study
Aflatoxin in Corn

Choosing Hay

Poisonous Plants
Western States USDA List
Fruits, Nuts, Orchard Tree Prunings
Australian Weeds and Livestock
New Zealand Plant Conserv Network

Plants Poisonous to Livestock

Skin Problems
Sheep and Goat Skin Problems

Managing Sheep to Prevent Bloat
Sheep Magazine Article

Liver Flukes in Sheep
Liver Flukes/UC Davis
Liver Flukes of Sheep & Cattle

Sheep and Goat Pregnancy Dangers
Abortions (Merck)

MSU Production Handbook

Mastitis Organisms

Nutritional Requirements of Sheep
NRS/Merck Vet Manual




Biosecurity Section
Sheep 101 Biosecurity
ASI Biosecurity Fact Sheep
USDA BioSecurity/Australia
Maryland Small Ruminant
Biosecurity Plan/White DVM
StockGuard Sheep/Australia
Biosecurity for Exhibitors/Ore

Sheep Shearing Biosecurity
Disinfecting Shears/Poland

Sheep Diseases
CL/Goat World
JOHNE'S OSU article
JOHNE'S/Journal Vet. Int. Medicine
JOHNE'S (Sidney)
Scrapie Factsheet
Scrapie Genetics
Infectious Sheep Diseases/Wikipedia
Nitrate/Nitrite Poisoning in Livestok
Sheep Diseases-Extensive PDF
Scabby Mouth
Zoonotic Diseases
Zoonotic Disease Chart
Zoonotic Diseases/WA State
Purdue Sheep Diseases/Biosecurity
Coccidia in Sheep
Coccidiosis in Sheep
Skin Disease in White Dorpers
Bluetongue Study
Brucellosis Zoonotic Disease
Brucellosis in Sheep/Merck Manual
Mastitis in Sheep/Dr. Kennedy
Mastitis in Ewes
Udder Diseases of Sheep
Udder Health DVM Black

Urinary Calculi in Sheep & Goats
Specific Diseases of Sheep & Goats
Eye Diseases and Problems
Weight Loss Conditions Sheep & Goats
Sheep Diseases/Flashcards
Camelids & E Mac
Zoonotic Diseases
Cruels in Sheep
Cruels in Sheep with Photo

Dairy Sheep Basics for Beginners

Oregon Department of Agriculture

Johne's Testing Lab Salem, Oregon

OPP Testing OSU Corvalis, Oregon


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