Thank you for your interest in German Shepherd Dogs and the Kadami German Shepherd breeding program.

Enclosed here are a few words to introduce you to the Kadami dogs.

"Working dogs from working bloodlines" describes the Kadami ideals and goals. More than 30 years of training, showing, trialing, and breeding have fine-tuned the Kadami German Shepherds' progress and success. The original von Stephanitz guidelines that present the German Shepherd Dog as a working dog are the basic principles for the Kadami breeding program. "Shepherd -dog breeding is the breeding of working dogs; otherwise it is not shepherd dog breeding anymore." This statement made by von Stephanitz, the father of the German Shepherd breed in Germany, makes it clear the direction the breed was to take from the onset. The German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany (SV) furthers that principle with its breeding aim: "A highly gifted and efficient dog with a perfect body build."

Keeping in mind the German Shepherd we all remember from the past and want for today's family and working partner, Kadami has evolved into a premier producer of strong German Shepherd temperaments in sound bodies. These Kadami dogs are consistently friendly devoted companions who can serve the family at home and yet possess the nerves, courage, and natural drives to be easily trained for sport or real life canine service.

The Kadami German Shepherd is a medium to large dog with good muscle development and typically strong head and jaw development, well-shaped ears, beautiful expressive brown eyes create that look of intelligence and character that we seek. The Kadami "type" fits within the German breed standard though not extreme in angulation. The result is a German Shepherd who, upon first look, gives the impression of physical and mental strength. The Kadami German Shepherd demands respect for its character and yet willingly gives itself to the people they love. They are healthy, happy dogs who want to play and work. Kadami German Shepherds have been successful K-9s, Search and Rescue dogs (wilderness and disaster), Schutzhund (many accomplishing SchH III), herding-instinct tested, sport sled dog racers, and best of all, family pets.

Kadami German Shepherds have a history of good to excellent results in dysplasia-free litters. Early screening and x-ray follow-up continue to aid in the elimination of hip dysplasia. Further research and testing for other common ailments such as inherent eye problems, thyroid deficiencies and joint diseases are being conducted in all breeding animals and resulting litters at Kadami. Only dogs that test normal in those areas will be bred.

Do it right - Get it right!!

The Kadami guarantee is founded on good breeding principles combined with ongoing commitment to improvement. Those who join in the Kadami family with their new Kadami puppy share that commitment and often continue to x-ray and test their growing Kadami German Shepherds so health and temperament results can be documented for future breeding planning.

With a breeding program of one or two litters a year, and never two litters at the same time, there is plenty of time and attention for each puppy. Puppies born at Kadami are socialized and imprinted with the best learning experiences to prepare them for life. Backed by good heritage, they develop the qualities that will make them sociable, trainable dogs.

The new generation of Kadami dogs will be from specially selected East and West German working bloodlines. By using evaluated and/or titled breeding females with proven top quality working males from the old and new working lines, Kadami will continue to produce the German Shepherd Dog the way it is meant to be: the total dog.





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