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Last updated September 13, 2014

Our 2013 Lambs/Sire Pigee. Our lustrous coats are growing and gorgeous. A few lustrous ram lambs were sold in 2013. We will track their coat and production records while doing further research into this unusual gene. For more lamb photos and information go to 2014 Lambs 2015 Lambs. Email for 2016 Reservations.

hair lamb whtie dorper katahdin
twin dorper katahdin lambs
dorper katahdin lambs
dorper katahdin lambs
twins white dorper katahdin lambs 2013
twin white dorper katahidn lambs
dorper katahdin lambs
dorper katahdin lambs
ewe nursing dorper katahdin lambs
dorper katahdin lamb
hair lamb nursing
ram lamb
dorper katahdin lamb
katahdin dorper lambs
white dorper katahdin lamb
white dorper katahdin ewe
hair lamb
ewes with hair lambs
white dorper katahdin ewe and lamb
hair ewe lamb
hair sheep lambs
registered katahdin ewe and lamb
ewe nursing twins
twin lambs
twin dorper katahdin lambs
4 day old hair ewe lamb
white dorper katahdin twin lambs
4 day old hair lamb
white dorper katahdin lamb
white dorper katahdin twin rams
katahdin white dorper ewe lamb
white dorper katahdin ewe lamb
herd sire 4 soft hair coat


yearling ewes with ram

Herd Sire 5 Misteree with 4 yearling ewes from 2012 (photo on left).

Misteree was 137 pounds at 5 1/2 months and matured early. His sire is Herd Sire II and his dam is 8 year old Mist, a registered Katahdin ewe that goes back to our original registered foundation ewes in 2005.

Misteree has a beautiful hair coat that fast sheds. He is a dominant ram and very bold. He holds his tail high when greeted. He is a heavy thick ram. His body resembles the White Dorper while he is well muscled and broad over his rear with nice shoulders.

Our 4 yearling ewes have excellent coats that fast shed this spring. They've been slower maturing while all grass fed as lambs. They reached a good weight for breeding now at 1 yr of age.


...As of May 9th our lambs are 14 to 30 days old now...still very young...still growing...while getting longer in their body...
three hair lambs
dorper hair ewe with twins
twin hair ewes
short coat hair lambs
pigee hair lambs
white  lamb hair coats
pink skin tone hair coats
lambs starting to eat
soft hair coats
hair ewes with hair lambs
ewes lined up with lambs
dorper katahdin hair sheep and lambs
hair lambs going to graze
2 week hair lambs
beautiful yearling hair sheep coats
4 yearling ewes and hair ram
yearling  hair ewes
May 18th...1 mo 1 day to 1 mo 24 days...lambs are eating grass and alfalfa...learning to be social with our German shepherd Aulee...
gorgeous hair coats
fast shed hair coats

We hold back our ewe lambs and match them to a ram lamb. The rams are half brothers to our ewes. We keep as much diversity as we can in their genetics since we are closed. We use all our own breeding stock. In doing that, we came up with this rare lustrous gene in 2013. Amazing!

1 month 1 week hair lamb
three tight hair coats
ewe with lambs
GSD watching over lambs
hair lambs in barn
two ram lambs 1 ewe lamb
lambs eating with ewe
May 31st... 1 mo 1 week to 1 mo 24 days....eating and growing well...healthy and content...ewes are milking heavy right now...
three hair lambs
hair herd coming to the barn
white coat hair lambs
silk face hair lamb
golden hair lambs
thick hair ram
hair lambs chewing
hair lambs in pasture
hair herd chewing
The pink skin tone lambs have extremely tight short coats. A few curls of wool down the back on a few. The Honey Gen 1-2 golden hair lambs have silky hair on their faces with a beautiful sheen that glistens in the light. Their soft golden hair coats are beautiful. Our white hair coats have longer hair fibers in comparison. All our hair lambs have fibers that should shed well. The lustrous coats resemble wool sheep that have been shorn. We will see how those lamb coats do over winter and next spring.
hair ewe lamb
hair ewe lamb on straw bale
twin hair lambs
hair lamb resting
ewe with twins
dorper ewe with lambs
hair ewe standing
twin hair lambs with ewe
ewe with ewe lambs
hair lamb on straw
hair lamb chewing
hair herd shedding off
ram lamb sleeping
two ewes resting
honey gen 2
ewe milking heavy
golden hair lambs
2013 Lustrous Lambs
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