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Last updated January 7, 2014

katahdin hair ewes shedding winter coats
Katahdin ewes shedding

Our Katahdin/Dorper ewes are excellent mothers. I culled only one ewe in 2004 and one in 2009. They have done well as a natural herd with no shearing, no foot trims and no health problems. They have a nice disposition and get along well although they do have a dominant pack order. Not all hair sheep are good mothers or low maintenance. Good selection is the key to getting a healthy, low maintenance sheep. By natural herd, I'm speaking of ewes that will breed, birth and take care of their lambs on their own with proper feeding and care. Healthy older ewes with good body score can breed and raise lambs up to around 9 years of age and still produce healthy multiple lambs. Our older ewes can live up to 14 years of age, provided they still have their teeth and can put on a good winter coat. They need their teeth to eat and warm coats over winter for survival.

katahdin ewe hair coat shed out
katahdin ewe winter hair coat
Katahdin ewe winter coat
Dorper hair sheep shed out
Katahdin ewe shed out
Dorper Katahdin ewe shed out
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Katahdin Dorper Ewes