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Katahdin White Dorper Hair Sheep For Sale in Oregon

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Carol Gomes Katahdin/Dorper hair sheep
for sale in Dayton, Oregon 97114

We raise hair sheep on our farm in Dayton, Oregon that fast shed. Our sheep are low maintenance. A closed herd for over 12 years now. No footrot/scald/diseases, No shots, No wormers, no meds in their lifetime. No shearing, crutching or tail docks needed. No artificial insemination, a natural breeding herd.

We started in wool sheep back in 1989. We closed our Dorset herd and had a disease free herd. We added registered Katahdin hair sheep in 2005 and sold all our wool sheep by 2007. Using a fullblood White Dorper ram in 2007 our breeding ewes produced heavier faster growing lambs. Our 2010 ram lambs reached over 100 pounds by 4 months and most were 130 pounds by 5 months. We prefer the Katahdin Dorper cross over the full Katahdin or full Dorper.

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dorper katahdin ram with winter hair coat
German shepherd herding dog Niki

Healthy, low maintenance, fast shedding hair sheep are the sheep of the future. Hair sheep are prolific, reach puberty at an early age and breed year round. The primary difference between hair sheep and wool sheep is in the ratio of hair to wool fibers. Hair sheep have more hair fibers and wool sheep have more wool fibers. Considering the scarcity of shearers, risk of spreading disease, cost and maintenance of shearing, hair sheep that shed in the spring have a huge advantage over wool sheep.

Our Sheep BIOSECURITY Protocol & Sales

Stop The Spread of Sheep Diseases...OPP, CL & Johne's have NO Cure
OSU's Johne's & Q Fever Outbreak 2012
USDA Beef Recall 2014 believed to be nationwide
Japan Beef Product Recall in U.S. January 15, 2015

katahdin dorper hair lambs logo
Go to my tornado page to find out why my sheep are bathed snow white in this picture.